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Trent Lott National Center


欢迎 to the Trent Lott National Center for Excellence in Economic Development and Entrepreneurship at 的 University of Southern Mississippi. We serve as the catalyst for a university-wide focus on economic development training and research serving public entities, nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals. We provide client-requested assistance and offer expertise in strategic planning and leadership development; education and training; community analysis and research; and other technical 支持. 的 Trent Lott National Center is driven by passion, determination and commitment to be a leading force in advancing global competitiveness through knowledge-led economic development.

Basic EcD CertificateAdvanced EcD Certificate

Applied 研究

的 center works with public entities, nonprofit organizations, businesses and individuals to plan and implement activities designed to generate jobs and income using data-driven economic development.

的 Master of Science in Economic Development is the management of public-private investment collaborations to facilitate sustainable growth in the economy as typically measured by job creation, increased citizen wealth, a greater tax base, and improved quality of life. 的 Economic Development program educates U.S.-based local/regional economic development practitioners to raise the standard of living for their communities through business development, talent management and quality-of-place creation. 的 program is widely recognized and respected today across the U.S. and internationally. MSED graduate students work alongside the Trent Lott National Center to prepare data studies while under faculty supervision. Typical studies include economic impact studies, feasibility studies, community asset analysis and labor force studies.

Logistics, trade and transportation (LTT) promotes an integrated freight system within the Americas to foster economic development. LTT is data-driven solutions with applied research in freight system; international trade; economic development; and partnership with government, military, industry, and universities. LTT encompass the movement of goods and people (logistics) through the most efficient means (intermodal transportation) to achieve economic development (trade). Both the private and public sector can benefit from working with the LTT.

的 University of Southern Mississippi is participating in a national Department of Defense project focused on communities that rely heavily on defense spending and is leading a team that is developing a pilot economic diversification program in Mississippi which will ultimately be used at the national level. 的 goal is to explore and implement options for economic diversification in Mississippi to reduce the state's dependence on federal spending by identifying new revenue streams for Mississippi companies and opportunities for its entrepreneurs and researchers/scientists.


Trent Lott National Center
Hattiesburg Campus

Physical Address
6197 Hwy 49
Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Mailing Address
118 College Drive #5191
Hattiesburg, MS 39406

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DoD Industry Resilience grant awardee to provide technical assistance to communities and companies.

Modern day

economic development began in Mississippi with the BAWI Act.


of projects/technical assistance offered to communities over last 5 years